Driving in winter


We draw your attention to several important aspects of winter driving:

When driving in winter conditions, you should not only drive slower, but also choose a longer distance to the cars in front of you. For example if the driver drives 50 km/h. speed, a safe distance in winter should be about 40 meters, i.e. i.e. as far as it goes in 3 seconds.

Pay more attention to the sections of the road covered with slush, because it is in them that the car is most often thrown.

Drive carefully on bridges, viaducts, on which a thin layer of ice is formed that is invisible at first glance.

After precipitation, it is worth cleaning the snow not only from the windshield of the car, but also from the hood and roof before each trip.

Take care of the proper technical condition of the car (charged battery, winter window fluid, condition of wipers, lights).

Be safe on the road.

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