Is Casco insurance worth it?


In contrast to the mandatory vehicle liability insurance, which all drivers must purchase, each driver can decide independently whether to take out comprehensive insurance. Depending on the selected package and level of protection, the driver is insured against damage, destruction and loss of the vehicle due to natural forces (such as hail, falling trees, flood), the fault of a third party (theft, vandalism or damage to the car) ), contact with animals (eg collisions), fire, explosion or combustion and glass breakage. If you are heavily dependent on your vehicle and cannot quickly replace it at your own expense in the event of an emergency, it is always advisable to take out comprehensive insurance. Especially recommended for vehicles that are new or less than 3 years old. Casco insurance and Motor Vehicle Operators’ Civil Liability (TPVCA) compulsory insurance are fundamentally different. Regarding the aspect of the accident, TPVCA compensates losses only to injured third parties. After a car accident, what the driver will do with his car, which is also damaged, becomes his business and no one will compensate him for it. This is where the need for Casco insurance comes into play. Casco insurance, unlike civil insurance, compensates the vehicle owner for losses even if he was at fault for the traffic accident.

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