Vairavimas žiemą

Driving in winter admin 4 vasario, 2023 Uncategorized We draw your attention to several important aspects of winter driving: When driving in winter conditions, you should not only drive slower, but also choose a longer distance to the cars in front of you. For example if the driver drives 50 km/h. speed, a safe distance […]

Ekspertų patarimai, kaip sutaupyti degalų

Expert advice on how to save fuel admin 4 vasario, 2023 Uncategorized Petrol and diesel prices have hit eye-popping new highs and show no sign of falling anytime soon. But despite what you think, there are ways to save on fuel – even if it means adjusting your driving style and habits. And while it’s […]

Ar verta įsigyti Kasko draudimą?

Is Casco insurance worth it? admin 4 vasario, 2023 Uncategorized In contrast to the mandatory vehicle liability insurance, which all drivers must purchase, each driver can decide independently whether to take out comprehensive insurance. Depending on the selected package and level of protection, the driver is insured against damage, destruction and loss of the vehicle […]

15 keistų ir nuostabių automobilio faktų!

15 Weird and Wonderful Car Facts! admin 4 vasario, 2023 Uncategorized With so many cars in the world, we tend to take them for granted and forget how incredible these machines are. But take a look at some facts and statistics about cars and you’ll soon start to remember just how amazing they really are. […]

8 patarimai, kaip paruošti savo automobilį žiemos orams.

8 tips to prepare your car for winter weather. admin 3 gruodžio, 2022 Uncategorized Winter is the most dangerous time to drive due to harsh temperatures, precipitation, unpredictability of temperature changes. Safety on the road starts with a clean car. That’s why it’s important to know how to prepare your car for winter before the […]

7 patarimai, kaip paruošti automobilį šiltam orui

7 tips to prepare your car for warm weather admin 23 gegužės, 2022 Uncategorized Heat is just as dangerous to your car as cold or snow. Take proper care of your car not only in winter, but also in the warm season. Try the air conditioner before it’s too hot outside. It’s really not comfortable […]