Installation and use of environmentally friendly equipment in the company

The goal of the project is to introduce an environmentally friendly product in the company. During the project, equipment (CNC machines) will be purchased, thanks to which a product will be produced that will reduce air pollution (low electricity consumption, less waste will be created due to greater accuracy, less paint will be used).

Duration: 07.2023 - 07.2024

Project value: EUR 57,500

EU funding: EUR 46,000

The project is financed with the funds of the Economic Revitalization and Resilience Enhancement Plan "New Generation Lithuania

UAB "Autoferma" from 2022 of March implements a project for the implementation of the E-commerce model, encouraging companies to implement information technologies for managing business transactions electronically.

Thanks to this project, an electronic service store will be installed in order to improve the quality of customer service and optimize the company's administrative costs.

The created electronic store will sell car repair services, which customers will be able to familiarize themselves with and purchase remotely.

Thanks to the electronic store, both customers and suppliers will save their time and avoid direct contact due to the threat of Covid-19 infection.

The goal of the project: implementation of information technologies for managing business transactions electronically, in order to increase the company's income, avoiding the risk of infection with Covid - 19.

The project is financed by the European Regional Development Fund as a measure of the European Union's response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Project name: Car repair from A to Z

Project code: 13.1.1-LVPA-K-860-01-1444

Project start: 2022-02-11

Project end: 2023-02-10

Amount of project costs: EUR 23,621.50 (EUR 17,716.12 funding from the European Regional Development Fund)


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